Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stuck on purpose

This past Tuesday was a very special day because it was the day that I met Don. As usual, before work I prayed to God that I would glorify Him in some way. I went to work, got my list and away I went. My first load was about 25 miles away and the weather was a little less than desirable. When I arrived at the location it was nestled in behind a small farm. I had been here before, but not for about two years. another company had been taking care of this location, but due to mistakes they had made I ended up with the work again. I knew that I could pull in and have plenty of room to turn around once I got to the rear of the property. What I didn't count on was that God had other plans. When I tried to turn around I was facing down hill and I lost traction. most of the time in these situations all I have to do is to put the truck in high range and lock in the axles but not this time. I worked the truck back and forth until I was so stuck that there was no way I was getting out without some help. I have to admit I was quite irritated because i knew that the rest of my day was going to be backed up. What happened next carried my concerns about the day right out the window. The owner of the property, Don, was walking out to meet me and I knew at once that he was not very healthy. He was an elderly man in his mid eighties and he walked like he was going to fall down at any second, but he was determined to help me get out. He reminded me of my grandfather because even though he could barely keep his breath, he wasn't going to let that stop him from helping someone. I asked him if he was alright and he then explained to me that he had lung and brain cancer. All at once I knew what I had to do so I didn't waist any time. I asked him if he was a Christian man to which he replied " well I try to pray". He changed the subject so I pressed in a little harder. "Are you born again?" He said that he was pretty sure that things were right between him and God. I said "that's not something you want to be unsure of" He then explained to me that several people have tried to talk to him about these things. I then asked him if he would give me a chance. with his permission I shared the law and the gospel with him. I made it clear to him that no matter how good of a life he has lived that he has still amassed a multitude of sins. He admitted to breaking at least three of the ten commandments and understood that God was just and had to punish sinners. I asked him if he would think about his sin and consider the price that God paid so that he could be forgiven. He said he would. I told him that if he would repent and put his trust in Jesus for his salvation that God would forgive him, save him and give him a new heart. Then he allowed me to pray with him. What he said next really threw me for a loop. Apparently his daughter-in-law ran off from his son 30 years ago. she left without telling anyone where she was going and they had not seen her since. THIRTY YEARS! Recently she bought a plane ticket and flew from Colorado to Ohio with the express purpose of sharing the gospel with him. He said "she told me the exact same thing that you just did"! I was quite taken back by this. Here I thought of my being stuck in his driveway as a sacrifice. This woman flew clear across the country to share the gospel with one man. God had this man in His Crosshairs and He made sure that someone went. Wont you go and share in God's beautiful story of redemption? You don't have to fly to another country, or another state for that matter, just be willing to let God use you right where you are. Even if it's stuck in a driveway... PREACH the gospel! and yes it's necessary to use words!

"How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in Him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?" Romans 10:14

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