Monday, May 30, 2011

NYC Evangelism

I was prompted by a couple of people to write about my experience in NYC last week sharing the gospel. I am always a little overwhelmed when trying to do this, and I know that the average attention span is not what it used to be (hang on I got an email) anyway...where was I? Oh yea NYC. So what I decided to do was break things up a little so as not to overwhelm myself or anyone who might want to read this. I am going to share one story at a time over the next month and if you hang in there you will get the whole experience. (not particularly in order)

The most beautiful choir I have ever heard! 5/22/11

Yesterday we went to Union Square in NYC to share the gospel with those whom God would provide. On the way there riding the subway we passed out tracts, had several conversations with people and preached in the open air. Sadly a man named Harold Camping had predicted the end of the world that day. But what satan intended for evil, God used for good. As sad as this was it gave us an opportunity to dis-associate ourselves with that group. Many people were willing to engage in a conversation because they thought we were of the "camping camp".

We then arrived at Union Square where some people had set up an 8' cross with a
sign that said "you are your own savior". There were also a group of "zombies" that had placed a suit of clothes on the ground to mock the rapture. As I walked along the back side of the park I saw things that I don't even want to mention because of there perversion.

There were already some brothers in the Lord sharing the gospel directly behind the mock cross so we set up our prayer station just to the right. Within minutes we were passing out tracts and ministering to people around us. The group that was mocking Jesus were getting more and more disruptive and vulgar as time drew near for the "Harold Camping" predicted end of the world.

They were coming up and interrupting our conversations, making fun of the coming day of God's wrath, and even pushed my friend Jeff into his wife because he was trying to protect her. As things grew more and more intense one of the young men in our group noticed a Mennonite choir that was making there way across the back side of the park handing out tracts. Tom Kiser went to talk with them and they came over to stand with us next to our prayer station. The group of thirty or so young men and women began to sing the most beautiful hymns which drew the crowd away from the mock cross. They sang for close to 20 minutes and as their praises went up to God, the entire mood of the park was transformed.

They may not have been most talented choir in the world (although they were quite good) they were the most beautiful site for my sad and weary eyes that day and I thank God for them.

This is just one of several wonderful things I witnessed God do this week. I'm sure most of what happened was unseen as the Holy Spirit dealt with hearts through the preaching of His word and the printed gospel on our tracts.

Soli Deo Gloria!


  1. Praise God! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Outstanding! Must have been a good experience to see how the Lord is using others to proclaim his name.